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 DTF Duotone StriderSLS AeroMidQMSLS 2024 TobyBromwich 2534

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Pump foiling is a new discipline that is becoming popular all over the world. It allows you to advance through the water using the dynamic strength of your body in harmony with the thrust of a FOIL fin. In Talamone at the Talamone Village we have a floating dock that is perfect for learning this new discipline. Pump foil is the ideal training for all FOIL lovers.
Whether it's Wingfoil, Kite Foil, Windsurf Foil, pump foiling is a unique opportunity to train when there's no wind. At sunset or in the morning you can sail in silence on the crystal clear water... a unique sensation that you can no longer give up... try it to believe it...
KlaasVoget StriderSLS24 Duotone Bahamas by TobyBromwich 6251
Learning pump foil with our lessons allows you to skip some steps and you will be able to try the ideal learning materials. Pump foil is also the ideal training for those who would like to enter the world of surf foil or Sup Foil.
For our courses we use Duotone material, the brand new duotone Strider SLS and the Duotone Amp SLS 1750 set. The new foil Amp SLS unlocks a new level of pumping efficiency. The Amp is the perfect companion to the new Strider SLS board and will allow you to beat your personal records!
Ask for info today and come for a trial lesson, we are waiting for you!
At our center it will also be possible to test the best brands of Wing, RRD, Duotone, Ozone, Cabrinha, Ensis, F-one. Enter the world of Wingfoil with us today, ask for info. We are waiting for you - During the registration phase the students are associated with the TWKC. Each student can choose whether to be registered with the Italian sailing federation or with the national sports promotion body ACSI or FIV.