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Group and individual lessons

Our Surf School organizes courses throughout the year for beginners. The courses are carried out according to the marine weather conditions mainly in the area of Argentario between Ansedonia and Talamone.


Our Courses

the program will be based on a theoretical and a practical, while the actual use of each course will depend on the weather conditions and in any case will consist of at least three days. Prerequisites for participation are to be good swimmers.


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Surf Basic Theory 1 Hr

The marine environment, waves, elementary concepts of meteorology, the Beaufort scale. The water safety. The risks arising from the practice of Surf and how to avoid them. The board of surfing, body position (stance) for paddling and wave riding. Differences between the various types of tables The leash how to use it and of which length. The configuration of the fins (fin) monofin, Twinzer, thruster (or trifin) quadrifin
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Sup Basic Course Practice 2 hr
• Verification of natural surfed stance. Balance exercises dry. The transport of the table and the entry into the water. • Learning the take-off and steering techniques. the row around the "reverse" fast. Techniques and crash recovery.